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Serene Beauty Of Dapoli

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Konkan - the land said to be carved out by Lord Parshuram himself - bestows us with places away from the citylife, where you can build your own spacious holiday home. Konkan offers one everything that we seek when we search for a peaceful time away from the chaos of the city. Famous for its pristine, quiet, clean beaches for the perfect solitude or a holiday in exclusivity of your loved ones and its lip smacking seafood, Konkan or for that matter Dapoli's beauty is not restricted to its beaches only.

From the hues of greens extending far beyond the eyesight in the hills of Sahyadri, to the misty mornings and the roads with heavenly sun rays, it has much more in its pockets to offer us.

alleys, witnessing the picturesque "wadis" of Konkani people surrounding Farms of Areca The curvy roads through the mountains drive one to the riverside v Palms, Mangoes & Cashew orchards, the small sloping roofed houses, the ferries that drive you across the Rivers, the hidden waterfalls or the flora and fauna of Konkan, every moment spent in Konkan is a therapy for the soul.


Dapoli has every potential to fulfil your dreams which you sense amidst the chaos of a city where you feel lost. The dream of having a home amidst trees, the dream of having food direct from farm to table, the dream of letting your grandchildren have childhood at their grandparent's place.

This heaven in KONKAN can be yours too, SEASCAPES - Panoramic Vistas, gives you the opportunity to be a resident of Konkan, where you can experience the serene beauty first hand..!!

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