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Konkani houses design | Konkani home { Seascapes }

Across the world the architecture of the place is influenced by the physical attributes of that particular place, geography, climate etc. Geography is the key factor while designing a house. So is the case in India too, which is the land of different traditions and culture which has been shaped by the different geographical features in different parts of the country. The housing pattern too changes according to the geographical feature.

Konkan, the place which is identified not only because of its beaches but also because of its particular style of the houses. The moment we hear the name Konkan, we start imagining a small red terracotta slanting roofed house amidst areca and coconut farms, having a Angan which is an open area in front of the house finished by cow dung with a TULSI Vrindavan.

As we move towards the house from the angan we get to see a small porch which they called as “otti”, from where we get the sneak peek of the house inside. As we enter the house we enter a central room named “majghar”which has access to all other rooms . Other rooms include kitchen , bedrooms & padvi. Padvi is a semi open space that opens to the backyard i.e. “paras' ' which is used as a garden where they grow vegetables, fruit plants etc.

SEASCAPES - Panoramic Vistas, is located in Dapoli in Konkan region. It is the place where you can actually build a house that you have imagined above with one more addition of an unobstructed sea view from your own house…!!!

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