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Dapoli Rivers | Rivers in Dapoli | Jog River | Vashishti river | Bharja river

We all must have drawn that one simple scenery in our childhood consisting of mountain ranges, trees and a small river coming down from the mountains, and a small house nearby the river. Here in Konkan you don't have to imagine that. It is just out there. You blink your eyes and you can see the mountains and green everywhere. Along with mountains, you can actually see the rivers flowing and meandering through mountain ranges and the small rivulets rolling down from the mountains joining big rivers, finally meeting the Arabian sea.

Here, throughout the journey from the city towards the Konkan we can actually experience the river in all of its stages like youth, mature and old age.

While being in Dapoli, when we travel by Dabhol ferry, we experience the magnificent

form of Vashishti river. It is one of the largest rivers of the Konkan region. It lies south of Dapoli.

On the north of Dapoli, just before Anjarle, Jog river reaches the Arabian sea.

There is one more river which lies on the northernmost part of Dapoli which is Bharja river.

These are the three major rivers of Dapoli, along with other small rivers like Panchnadi.

It's a beautiful scenery to watch these rivers flow, while going through ferry or passing through one of the bridges constructed on them, as we can see the vast expanse of them, coconut and areca trees and mangroves on the banks of these river, at some places we can also see local fishermen’s boats on the banks.

And most importantly clean water…!! Which we miss in the city areas.

Tranquillity takes the hold of your mind when you experience the river reaching its final destination as if it has achieved its life’s goal, like completing a full circle of life.

After experiencing all these things in real life, one might feel that there is a small thing missing from that childhood drawing and that is a small house of your own.

No need to feel FOMO. You can have a home in Dapoli amidst all this beautiful scenery. A home of your own, on a hill overlooking the Arabian sea, against the backdrop of Sahyadri Mountains. That is SEASCAPES- THE PANORAMIC VISTAS.

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