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Pristine Beaches South of Dapoli: Kolthare Beach | Karde Beach

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

When you walk across a beach, you can feel the calmness ooze into your mind. There's a surreal vibe in the breeze of the sea and the sound of waves along the shore that takes you home, a home inside your body. It's true that there is no place like home, except for the beach. A beach is the home for your soul.

SEASCAPES, the Panoramic Vistas, is the place where you can experience such a vibe.

Seascapes is located near Harnai Beach, which is South of Dapoli.

Let’s explore some of the beaches around North of Dapoli Town.

1. Karde Beach

The beach stretches to the whole four kilometres and is just 12 kilometres away from Dapoli. Karde beach is considered as one of the safest and most popular beaches in Konkan. Karde offers everything from the soft sand fiddling with your feet like silk, capturing various rare, migrant birds with a click of your camera and enjoying dolphin rides in the deep sea for everyone.

The various experiences one can have at this beach make it worthy of a longer stay, perhaps a full holiday! Every tourist and traveller finds fulfilment in the calm, relaxing and pollution free Karde beach.

From pocket-friendly homestays to amenities-rich hotel and resort establishments suiting every stratum of society; such is the mix of options in Karde.

2. Ladghar Beach

Just six kilometers from the famous Karde beach, is Ladghar, the home of adventure water sports in Ratnagiri. Water sports enthusiasts throng the beach in every season to experience the thrilling adventures that are organised at this beach in Konkan. Playing with the strong yet vigilant sea waves the Banana ride, water scooters, and powerboat, gives one an alluring adrenaline rush with.

The beach starts with a short cover of red pebbles spread across the length of the Ladghar beach.

After such an enthralling experience along the beach, every adventurer is comforted by the variety of tasty local food which is available in various small and large establishme2nts in the village. Fresh fish from the ocean cooked in a typical coconut based local curry or fry masala makes the foodie content. But the vegetarians have nothing to worry about. Konkani food has vast options for veggies like Modak, Birada Usal, Rice Bhakri etc.

3. Tamastirth Beach

Tamastirth Beach is famous for its reddish tinge waters, which resemble muddy water but are a salient feature of this attraction. The gravel seashore has a unique aesthetic appeal that adds to the scenic beauty of the location. It is not as crowded as other commercial beaches and provides a quiet escape for beach lovers.

This is a rocky and gravelly beach in Dapoli that stands out among all the sandy shores. A quaint and less crowded beach, you can explore the beauty of Tamastirth and its aesthetics. Couples and lovers would especially like the surroundings, making it one of the top romantic places.

One of the highlights of this beach is the red hue in the seawater which is a reaction of its salient properties. Here you can take walks, set a camp or a picnic and enjoy the sunsets.

4. Kolthare Beach

Kolthare beach is unlike any other beaches you will experience in India. This unknown treasure is around 20 km away from the Dapoli, i.e., towards the southern coastal area.

The drive towards Kolthare beach itself is a beautiful one.

Being on the Konkan belt, you will see a lot of coconut trees and luscious green fields, which are a rare sight for city mongers.

Due to the greenery all over the place, the air around is always refreshing and pleasant, thus making the drive more enjoyable.

As you near the beach, you will get a glimpse of the quaint and calm village life where people are busy with their daily chores with a content smile on their face.

Note : The information displayed on this page is collated from various sources. We do not claim ownership of the content.

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