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Famous Temples in Konkan You Must Visit

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Lord Ganesha also known as elephant head god is the famous and most worshiped Hindu deity. Ganesha is dev of intellect and wisdom but also popularly worshiped as a remover of obstacles.

Ganpatipule Temple | गणपतीपुळे

If you are talking about Konkan, then the Ganpatipule temple has to come up. Ganpatipule temple is one of the famous Ganpati temples in Konkan area and is frequented by thousands of devotees every year. Ganpatipule Temple is one of the ‘Ashta Ganapati’, i.e., eight Ganapati’s in India. Every year, thousands and thousands of devotees visit this temple to pay respect to the self-incarnated Lord Ganesha deity here. It is believed that the deity of Lord Ganesha sprung up from the earth more than 400 years ago. This temple is also unique as it is one of the few temples in the country where the deity faces the west side or Paschim Dwardevata.

Shree Ufrata Ganpati Temple | उफराटा गणपती

Shree Ufrata Ganpati Temple of Guhagar attracts tourists's attention. The Ganesh Idol is about 300 years old. The Villagers thought that after increasing sea level, the Guhagar will be drowned in water. They turned Ganesh Idol's face from east to west. Since then,this temple was known as Ufrata Ganpati.

Hedvi Ganesh temple | हेदवी गणेश मंदिर

The Hedvi Ganesh temple is situated just 10 kilometres to the south of the beautiful seashore of Velneshwar. It is said that the Peshwas gave 1 lakh rupees to build this temple in those days. The temple area is very beautiful and there are steps leading up to the temple. A road for vehicles has also been constructed to reach the top. Tourists fall in love with the colourful bastion and the mango groove surrounding the area.

Ballaleshwar Ganpati Temple

Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtvinayak Temple is one of the eight temples of Lord Ganesha in the tour of ashtavinayak. Among ashtavinayak Ganesha temples, this temple is the only incarnation of Lord Ganesha that is known by his devotee's name. It is located in the town/village of Pali which is at a distance of 57.1 km (via SH92) from Karjat in the Raigad district and 120 km from Pune city. The pali Ganesha temple is in the Konkan area of Raigad district, Maharashtra. It is situated between fort Sarasgad and the river Amba.

This is original wooden temple/mandir was renovated in '1760' to make way for a new stone temple designed and developed by 'Shri Fadnis'. Created in the shape of the letter Shri, it was created by mixing lead with the cement during development and construction. The east-facing temple was carefully positioned so that, as the sun rises, sun rays fall directly on the lord Ganesha murti during worship. The temple contains a bell that was brought back by 'Chimaji Appa' (Peshwas) after his defeat of the 'Portuguese' in 'Vasai' and 'Sasti

Kadyavarcha Ganpati Temple

The vast sea to the west, the Anjarle village lost in the dense coconut grooves, the far flung Jog creek, and the twisted road winding down from the mountains, climbing steps from the village to the temple and the beautiful temple surrounded by dense trees…there aren’t enough words to correctly describe this scenic beauty. One should admire the vision of the person who thought of establishing the idol of Lord Ganesh, who is the God of art and wisdom, in such a suitable and beautiful place.

The Anjarle village is situated on a distance of 18 kilometres on the road from Dapoli to Kelshi. While entering the village, you can see the temple of Lord Ganesha situated on a small hill to the right and is popularly known as ‘Kadyavarcha Ganpati’. The road leading to the temple is engulfed in dense green trees and there is a straight road for the vehicles that directly lead to the temple. It is so believed that the temple was established approximately 600 years ago.

Shree Suvarna Ganesh Temple

This temple earlier had a gold statue of Shri Ganesha which was stolen in 2012 but it has now been replaced with another similar gold statue in 2021. The temple premises are calm and there is a deep mandapam outside the temple and a tulsi pedestal. There is lot of rush on the festival days and in the front lawns a fare is organized for the local public.

Siddhivinayak Mandir, Nandgaon, Raigad

Siddhivinayak Temple is located in small and beautiful Nandgaon village of Raigad. There are similar temples in Konkan but this is unique temple. It is well painted. There are also Hanuman and Shani Temple in the premises. Devotees visit Siddhivinayak Temple on every Tuesday and on Chaturthi.

Keshavraj Temple

You will get an opportunity to observe the architectural marvel of the Peshwa period while visiting Keshavraj Temple. Located around 8 kilometres from Dapoli on Harnai Road, visiting this temple will surely rejuvenate your senses. You have to do a small trek and climb 150-200 odd steps to reach the temple. The trek as a whole is a scenic experience; you will have to trek through the coconut trees, beetle nut and mango trees; you also have to cross a small beautiful creek to reach the temple. As soon as you approach the temple, Lord Vishnu’s idol that is gleaming in the soft lights of the oil lanterns lit around it will captivate you. Apart from Lord Vishnu, you will also be able to pay your respect to Lord Ganesh in the temple vicinity.

Note : The information displayed on this page is collated from various sources. We do not claim ownership of the content.

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