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Enjoy Dolphin Safarris On Murud Harnai Beach In Dapoli

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Dolphins are a species which are known for its intelligence, playfulness, grace, and friendliness with humans. To watch these animals in the wild is an experience in itself. Around the world, Dolphin Safari is a tourism activity that many travellers find an amazing experience to gather. Watching the dolphins jump in and out of water to showcase their unique style with silver gazing skin, interacting with humans is a wondrous affair.

In India, there are many famous Dolphin spotting safaris in their natural habitat at different places, of which, Goa is one the most recognized. However, In Maharashtra too, we can spot these Dolphins along the Konkan coast of Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts, as they prefer shallow waters. One such less explored place is Dapoli..!!

Dapoli’s beauty is blessed with the unique experiences of Dolphin Safaris & when visiting Dapoli with family, one should not miss this serene sight of these mystical creatures swimming in the Arabian Sea.

The best time to go for a dolphin watch boating trip is early in the morning. The experience begins from boat rides along the different beaches of Dapoli like Murud, Harne, Ladghar etc to take you off the coast towards the Dolphin seeing sites. While going on a ride one can feel the cold sea breeze gushing along, surrounding you from all the sides, one can experience the peace and tranquillity taking hold of one’s mind.

Dolphins - while being famous for their performing arts - are pretty shy creatures and one has to remain quiet & keep their ears & eyes open to spot these beautiful sea beings. If lucky, you can actually spot the whole school of Dolphins swimming.

Dolphin safaris are one of the most popular activities in Dapoli. The locals at the Murud beach arrange for a boat for you early in the morning; you just need to carry your binoculars and camera to enjoy this rare, picturesque view.

Dolphins have a special bonding with fishermen and are known as their best friends. Probability of spotting the dolphins is very high in Dapoli thanks to the nearby Harnai port.

Ideal season to go for Dolphin Safari is October to May as the region experiences very heavy rains during the remaining 4 months of monsoon.

It's great fun to experience the Dolphin Safari for every age group, right from a child to an old person. From the site SEASCAPES, the panoramic vistas, you can go for Dolphin safari anytime you want..!!

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